Overview of the role

Assembling, installing and repairing ductwork made from a wide range of materials.

Details of standard

Building Services Engineering makes buildings work. It is a specialist branch of engineering within the construction sector.

Ductwork systems provide clean air and/or remove used air, and move temperature controlled air around the inside of buildings as part of a building’s ventilation and life safety systems.

Ductwork Installers install and maintain ductwork systems in large industrial and commercial buildings including office blocks, factories, schools, airports and hospitals.

Ductwork installers use their skills to assemble, install, pre-commission, prepare for testing and repair ductwork made from a wide range of materials.

Ductwork Installers are able to work within new build construction sites and existing buildings under close but not constant supervision in the most efficient and economical mannerThey must have a basic knowledge of the systems and how the components within systems relate to each other as well as being able to:

  • plan and undertake allocated work tasks to install system components;
  • assist in pre-commission and de-commissioning.

Entry Requirements and Qualifications:

Individual employers will identify any relevant entry requirements in terms of previous qualifications, trainability tests, or other criteria. Apprentices that have not previously achieved level 2 English and maths, must as a minimum achieve level 1 English and maths and take the test for level 2.