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The Monarch College is an outstanding place to study and work – it is a real asset that the industries we work for can be proud of.

This plan sets out our vision, purpose, and values, together with our strategic goals for the future. It is the driver for achieving the four key components we believe are essential to meeting the needs of our students, staff, stakeholders, and our communities the length and breadth of our country.

Our priorities are:

  • To ensure that we have the right curriculum to meet industry and employers’ needs, both now and for future roles.
  • To be ‘Outstanding’ in order to deliver excellence in teaching and learning for our students and ensure that they progress.
  • To remain sustainable financially to support our fantastic industries and people.
  • To recruit and retain high-calibre staff.

Our reputation is also important to our future success. Working closely with industry and employers, communicating well with stakeholders, and meeting the needs of our local communities will ensure that we remain at the centre of training and education across the nation. In the past 4 months, we have strengthened our position by:

  • Working with industry leaders in Digital, Civils, Infrastructure, Care, and IT.
  • Developing a team of hungry, enthusiastic staff who are industry relevant.
  • Our students, staff, and the College now benefit from using digital portfolios and an MIS system.
  • We are working with Cognassist to assess every student’s brain development so that no person is left behind.
  • We have listened to industry and implemented a curriculum for jobs now and in the future.

Monarch College is a new provider; however, we have a wealth of knowledge inside it, we know with the staff who have chosen to work with us we will deliver on our strategic plans through, passion, care, enthusiasm, and a culture of the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Danny Rossie

Director of Operations FE

Monarch College.


Quality Strategic goals

  • Become Ofsted Outstanding status.
  • Enhance the quality of Higher Education apprenticeships.
  • Build and grow strong industry partners.
  • Implement outstanding teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Expand the use of e-learning technologies.
  • Improve student outcomes in terms of progression and destination to HE apprenticeships.
  • Support personal development, behaviour and attitudes.

Quality Curriculum

  • Become OFSTED Outstanding
  • Enhance HE apprenticeship provision.
  • Support personal development add value.
  • Introduce shared apprenticeships.
  • Expand E-learning technologies.
  • Produce teaching and learning ELM (effective learning model)
  • Industry led delivery plans.

Our People Values: Aspirational, supportive, caring, respectful, brave.

Purpose: Vision: Transforming lives and communities.



  • Boost stakeholder recognition.
  • Build external relationships.
  • Grow College income.
  • Retain and develop staff.
  • Shock-proof finances.
  • Extend employer engagement.
  • Deliver effective marketing strategy.

Our People Values: Aspirational, supportive, caring, respectful, brave.

Vision: Transforming lives and communities

Becoming ‘Outstanding’ – always inspection ready, our model is a high-quality product, and we are confident that our performance exceeds the requirements of the new Ofsted assessment framework. The new framework, which is designed to ensure that students not only achieve their qualifications but have the chance to develop themselves in a complete sense, aligns perfectly with our own vision of transforming lives and communities. By driving a culture of high expectation that ensures all students and staff are supported to achieve their potential, we will continue to be inspection ready. Delivering a beyond Outstanding experience for both our students and staff and being Ofsted inspection-ready is our key focus.

Seven strategic goals underpin our ambition to maintain and go beyond Outstanding, with each area driving our teaching and learning. We aim to deliver the highest quality provision for students, staff, and our stakeholders to help them aspire to reach their full potential.

Teaching, learning and assessment is our core business and we will embed a culture of excellence that delivers an outstanding classroom experience every day. We will support teachers/assessors to be the very best versions of themselves. Our teaching and learning strategy will focus on the embedding of learning technologies. There will be a clear expectation that Monarch College should be at the cutting edge of new innovations. We recognise that students want to learn in different ways, and we will meet their needs accordingly.

Student Voice forums in each curriculum area provide a vital opportunity for us to listen to students and receive their feedback. By listening carefully and recognising that students want to express their ideas in a variety of different ways, we shall be able to keep their views at the heart of our decision-making. We will continue the work we have started through the Student, Teaching and Learning Forum to formalise student views when making decisions about the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

We will ensure that students achieve their qualifications and progress to their chosen destination. Just as importantly we will support their wider personal development, through the promotion of cultural capital, enrichment, enterprise, and high-quality industrial partnerships. This will result in highly personalised and bespoke programmes of study, which will ensure that students are in the best possible position to take the next step. At the same time, we expect our students to take ownership of their own learning and development and display positive behaviours and attitudes. This includes attending all classes punctually and being ready to learn.

In Higher Education (HE) we will continue to focus on the apprenticeships, we will introduce Level 4-5 in adult care and construction. We will work hard to ensure that our HE students stay with us, achieve good qualifications and progress to graduate-level

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