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Strategic Plan, Corporate Plan and Social Value Statement​

Our Vision, Purpose and Values Our students, employers and fellow colleagues are at the heart of every decision we make. Our outstanding, passionate staff are always striving for excellence and this positive culture has a real impact on the aspirations of our students and employer’s. We encourage all our staff and students to dream big and we are proud to say that studying at Monarch College helps to inspire our apprentices and the communities they live in to transform their lives. We dedicate our working life to reassure our students and communities that know doors or clubs will ever be shut to them and encourage they have the right to sit at any table. Our vision, purpose, values, and strategic priorities help to steer the college and ensure that our focus is on helping our students, employer’s, and the community we work in, achieve their very best.

Our Vision

Transforming Lives and Communities

Our Purpose

To ensure that all our students are:

• Industry relevant

• Value their communities

• Progress onto successful pioneers in industry

Our Values

Aspirational – courage to shape a better future.

Supportive – encouraging, compassionate and understanding.

Caring – hearts and minds.

 Our strategic priorities provide a roadmap for us on the journey to achieving our vision of transforming lives and communities. The priorities represent  areas where our resources and time will be focused to ensure our students, staff and stakeholders get the best out of Monarch College.


We need to safeguard the college for the future, making sure we generate enough
cash each year to continue to provide an outstanding experience for our students
and staff during their time with us. This involves investing in our staff, resources,
training and IT infrastructure.
To generate cash, we need to increase the size of the provision we offer and ensure
that we continue to operate efficiently. We ultimately want to shock proof our
financial position so growing income and maximising efficiency will contribute to this.

Public Value Statement

“To position Monarch College as a catalyst for educational, economic and
social change in all regions of our country.”

Monarch College is committed to being actively involved in the economic, social, and
cultural development of our communities up and down the country. We do this
through collaborative partnership with industries that share our purpose and
innovation to create opportunities for the practical benefit of the people, businesses,
and communities that we serve.

How can we help you?

Have any concerns to share or generate a query? Leave us a message and we'd get back to  you as soon as possible.


We are proud of our people and the communities we work with. We aim to continue
to build strong links with students, staff and Industries, reinforcing our place in the
local community as an outstanding education provider. Our students go on to be
amazing people after leaving us, all sharing that desire to impact other lives whether
that is through work or further study.
As we strive for beyond outstanding, our brand and reputation, as well as the quality
and financial position of Monarch college, underpins our ability to recruit students
and engage with external industries.

Corporate Plan

This plan sets out our vision, purpose and values, together with our strategic goals
for the future.